photo credit: spindle photography

Katie McDaniel – Owner & Floral Designer

I grew up amongst a family of artists.  Impassioned people made for good stories, lots of laughs, and–of course– the occasional intense feud. My mom is an extremely talented interior designer, who inventively bedecked the inside of the house while my father combed the gardens for weeds and nurtured plants into beautiful landscaped displays. So working with my hands came naturally  at a young age. I dabbled in all of the arts from watercolor, ceramics, oil, sculpture, and even metal work. After several trips to help my big sis with her booming flower business in Seattle, Washington, I learned how much fun it was to channel my creative energy into creating colorful, wild arrangements of flowers, fruits, and foliage.

My unruly style is loose, garden-like, and sculptural. After being married three years, I still remember my wedding as a beautiful space in which I was able to celebrate with family and friends, and now I would like to help create that beauty and ambiance for others.

Cloth of Gold came from one of my favorite flowers: the crocus. It has been a symbol of hope for thousands of years. It is the first flower to poke its head out of the icy soil in January. Low-lying and sprawling, the cloth-of-gold crocus looks like a bright carpet covering the frosty ground in a dreary winter landscape. To me it represents life and the beauty that can be found in waiting for something extraordinary.